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Systems Solution

The Q-SYS OS is a highly adaptable platform for the processing and distribution of audio, video, and control signals in a wide variety of applications. From meeting rooms to stadiums to cruise ships and theme parks, Q-SYS provides audio, video, and control signal input, processing, distribution, and output in a real-time, network-connected system. The solution comprises native Q-SYS products (including software, cloud services, and hardware designed and delivered by QSC), with each system deployment including some or all of those components. Additionally, the Q-SYS OS includes a large number of optional software capabilities for integration with third-party systems such as SIP for VoIP calling, SNMP for device monitoring, multicast media streaming for audio distribution, as well as third-party Lua scripting for custom programming.

Here is an example of Q-SYS deployment, including the logical signal flow (transported over a Layer 3 network):