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Setting Sail on a New Journey:PCI – Video Technology and Creative Department

For a long time, PCI has been dedicated to achieving international expertise in professional audiovisual implementation and service standards. Recently, with great confidence, PCI officially announced the establishment of the Video Technology and Creative Department! This significant milestone not only signifies the company’s new journey in the audiovisual field but also highlights our unwavering determination to serve the market.
Our goal is to build the core competitiveness of our team by leveraging the dual advantages of audio and video systems. We aspire to become China’s most influential multimedia service provider for quasi-cultural and tourism projects. The establishment of this business unit focuses on a development strategy centered around “international golden connections” and “customer-driven” solutions. We are committed to introducing the best audiovisual products and creating customized, reasonable, personalized, and budget-friendly solutions based on customer needs.
Our core team consists of industry veterans with deep expertise in cultural tourism and audiovisual technology. We combine creative planning, IP integration, and multimedia capabilities, providing end-to-end services from solution design to equipment selection, system integration, and ongoing maintenance.
The business scope of PCI’s Video Technology and Creative Department includes various application scenarios such as architectural mapping, immersive experience spaces, dome theatres, flight theatres, 4D/5D cinemas, dark rides, cultural tourism performances, exhibitions, and night tours. Leveraging partner resources and our own solution development capabilities, we aim to create even more exciting, cutting-edge, and immersive experiences for our clients.
We firmly believe that the establishment of the Video Technology and Creative Department represents not only a new beginning but also reflects our commitment to the future Chinese market and our dedication to comprehensive user service. PCI looks forward to close collaboration with industry peers, jointly exploring new horizons in the audiovisual and cultural tourism sectors, and creating beautiful and memorable experiences!

We truly understand audiovisual technology, multimedia, and the construction of Acoustic-Optic-Electronic systems in the cultural tourism industry.

The future? We’re ready!"