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Disguise: A New Era. A New Ecosystem. A New Look.

Recently, Disguise is thrilled to share their new brand identity along with a new approach and way of talking about themselves and what they offers pioneering customers. This shift reflects a larger cultural truth in which they are deeply and very proudly rooted - we are living through a visual revolution.

The world is entering a new era of visual experience that reaches from the culture-changing live spectacle of our biggest musical performances through to our 21st-century cityscapes with wonders like the Burj Khalifa and the Las Vegas Sphere. It’s a brilliant new evolution in entertainment, signaled by an inspirational wave of visionary immersive installations sweeping the globe and the groundbreaking new filmmaking techniques of virtual production and real-time xR broadcast studios that increasingly populate our cinemas and our screens.

Disguise calls it the next dimension of entertainment because it literally breaks through into new aspects of space, time and scale, compelling and delighting a new generation of audiences at every step. The Disguise ecosystem of software, hardware and services is at the very heart of it all as the industry standard platform for visual experiences of today and tomorrow. 

To recognise this exciting era and Disguise fundamental role in it, they have developed a bold new look for our brand and, beyond that, a new way of talking about products. In this they reflect how they are continuously evolving and leading the way in this new dimension of entertainment.

New Brand Identity
First and foremost, Disguise has a new logo. To mark the brand's evolution and align with deep product truths, they opted for a departure from legacy design elements. The transition to an uppercase font signifies a bold shift in attitude and presence, reflecting their expertise in creating new realms of possibility in media and entertainment. The incorporation of functional geometry is inspired by the three-dimensional perspective of the LED panels on which much of our technology operates, ensuring a clean and dynamic spatial aesthetic. The sharpened edges embody the precision and sturdiness of leading products. More than a simple visual identifier, the renewed logo encapsulates Disguise’s commitment to functionality, innovation and excellence in the next dimension of entertainment.

New Language
Our new brand design language, which you will see in our communications and on our products, is informed by the holistic nature of the Disguise platform - a single powerful integrated system that integrates with other significant technologies in the entertainment world. We are the operating system for the future of entertainment. It’s reflected not just in the latest versions of our software and hardware but also in our new Disguise Cloud software that enables global collaboration on the biggest and most complex 3D and real-time productions. This simple, seamless workflow for pixel-perfect delivery of your vision no matter where you are in the world is the foundational truth that underpins our work and our brand and we hope you can see it shining through every aspect of our design evolution.

A New Brand Equals a New Offering
Together with the launch of the new brand, Disguise has supercharged their services offering with Meptik to complete the Disguise ecosystem. They believe that the new era of visual experience demands a new kind of support system - one that fuses creativity with technical knowledge at every stage of the process to deliver groundbreaking visual experiences for audiences. From creative vision to final pixels through strategy, design, spec, installation and optimisation, Disguise has built one global team to support you. Meet Meptik: the worldwide creative and build team - providing unparalleled creative and technical services. Thomas Rhett's album launch

Discover Their New Brand
Where does this all come to life? You can see their brand in its vivid glory on the newly redesigned website. Delve deep into leading products and solutions for every industry. Speak to an expert Disguiser about your vision or sign up for a remote learning course for any discipline. Discover where the new era of visual experience is heading.

Welcome to the next dimension of entertainment. It’s going to be an amazing ride.