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"Listen to the Future, Create Vision" National Tour Exhibition Successfully Concluded

"Listen to the Future, Create Vision" national tour ended successfully in Shanghai. This themed tour was held in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai respectively. PCI joined hands with international first-line brands Q-SYS, Sennheiser, disguise, Barco, Tencent Conference, Audinate, and NETGEAR etc., to build a strong lineup, show the ultimate charm of audio-visual technology, and provide a stunning and shocking audio-visual feast to audiences from all over the world.

Q-SYS Ecosystem: Innovative technology “can do anything”
The power of the solutions in various fields demonstrated by PCI is inseparable from the core support of the Q-SYS ecosystem. At the event, Lengshuang Wang, technical director of PCI, deeply shared the Q-SYS ecosystem's cloud-managed audio, video, control and other functional features, as well as its flexible configuration and strong scalability for different application scenarios. The Q-SYS Core 610 core processor, vCore virtual processor, SPA-Q and CX-Q network power amplifiers, AD series ceiling speakers, NL series PoE speakers, NM series microphones, NC series PTZ cameras and other new products were also displayed at the scene, which produced heated discussion at the scene.


Enterprise conference solution: customized, one-stop solution
For enterprise users, cumbersome operations and bloated conference systems often reduce conference efficiency. PCI has created a Solution based on "cloud + Devices + Management" by deeply integrating the superior products of Q-SYS, Sennheiser, Tencent Conference, Audinate, NETGEAR and other brands, combined with the independently developed Control Max comprehensive conference management platform. The new conference concept provides customers with a customized, one-stop conference solution. At the event, Lengshuang Wang introduced and demonstrated the Q-SYS plug-in customized and developed for Tencent Conference Rooms, demonstrating the simplicity, ease of use and all-inclusive conference functions of the enterprise-level integrated conference solution. In addition, he also shared the Control Max comprehensive conference operation and maintenance management platform developed specifically for large conference room projects.

Local sound reinforcement solutions: innovative technology helps improve sound performance
The Sennheiser TCC 2 ceiling array microphone is popular in conferencing applications and is highly regarded for its excellent performance in sound pickup and local sound reinforcement applications. After more than two years of continuous practice and solution optimization, PCI has combined Q-SYS with the TruVoicelift technology of Sennheiser’s TCC 2 ceiling array microphone, coupled with PCI’s innovative algorithm, it is now able to provide approximately 15dB of speech Improved results. This solution has been widely used in several important projects. During the event, Lengshuang Wang showed the audience the speech improvement effect of PCI's local sound reinforcement solution and the new application method of Sennheiser's TCC 2 ceiling array microphone.

Immersive presentation solution: unprecedented Immersive experience
In recent years, immersive presentation has become a new method sought after in various fields, bringing unprecedented shocking audio-visual experiences to application scenarios such as live events, sports events, and theme events. At the tour site, PCI brought an exciting immersive show with Chinese characteristics to the audience, demonstrating common functions in immersive scenes such as curtain tracking, 3D MAPPING, lighting linkage, audio-visual interaction, and Omnical automatic calibration. The perfect blend. The powerful functions of the disguise video server and the stunning picture effects brought by Barco projectors made the audience applaud.

Dolby Atmos: Shocking sound effects that fill your ears
In a great performance, the importance of sound cannot be ignored. PCI demonstrated to the audience the advantages of Dolby Atmos in projects in various fields. The uniqueness of Dolby Atmos lies in its meticulous and complete sense of space, giving viewers an immersive experience. No matter where you sit, Dolby Atmos can create shocking and deep environmental sound effects, making the audience feel like they are in the scene. Audiences will be surrounded by perfectly reproduced sounds, and a rich variety of sound effects will draw them into the story.

Every tour brings new gains. Through tours, we hope to bring PCI’s solutions in various fields to audiences, gain a deep understanding of the latest trends and needs in various industries, and communicate and share experiences with professionals from different industries. The "Listen to the Future, Create Vision" national tour ended successfully. In the future, the PCI Tour will bring more exciting content to different cities across the country, so stay tuned!